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Sinners & Saints MC Club

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 " The Sinners and Saints" MC is a Brotherhood and Sisterhood founded by a few of us looking for a destiny other than where the ride has been taking us. Wanting more of the bond of not only your typical MC, but of a Brotherhood and Sisterhood dedicated to the values of Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, and Family.
Lets face it, there are many clubs out there but, most fall short in one area or another because there is always a stipulation of some kind that prevents somebody from becoming a member or, even desiring membership in that club. So, here we are, Brothers and Sisters that have come together to form a "Family Oriented Motorcycle Riding Club". We don't care about the kind of bike you ride or, how long you've been riding.
The first and utmost rule we follow is that Family comes first, Jobs second, and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood close behind.

We are all riders with families and jobs, ranging from government, military, law enforcement, construction, machinists and retail.

The Sinners and Saints MC is a law abiding brotherhood/sisterhood, dedicated not only to each other, but to others in and around our communities, helping those in need by way of charities and fundraisers.
We are in no way a 1% club, but at the same time respect those that are, as well as any other club or association, but also expecting respect ourselves.
Thank you.
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